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Power Pop Mazda 3 MPS

Designed specifically for this type of vehicle
Perfect sound
Product dedicated especially to this model of car.

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Price: 185,00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

Kslh Catalyst Probe Lambda

Kslh Catalyst Probe Lambda

This product is NOT HOMOLOGATED to be driven on roads open to traffic. It is designed exclusively to be used where current laws allow so. Autofficina Bonalume is therefore not liable for any personal injuries or material damages caused by or created through the improper use of the product.
Before you start reading the technical specifications, we inform you that we do in any event advise you not to remove the catalyser for any reason whatsoever.
The new version of the ksl product is now available. This product does not replace the previous product but actually amplifies the range. The difference between the two products lies in the operating temperature that they are able to withstand. This new model called HKSL can be installed even in vehicles with very short exhausts or manifolds such as the following: PORSCHE-FERRARI-LOTUS-etc. In these vehicles the Lambda probes are very near the engine, therefore the exhaust gas is much hotter and much faster compared to a vehicle with long exhaust or manifold, or at least compared to a vehicle with engine at the front and exhaust that runs right along the vehicle before is reaches the outlet. This is because, in such configuration, the Lambda probes are much further away from the engine compared to the versions just mentioned.

Then there are other cases such as vehicles with aspirated or turbo engines, which either due to an exasperated preparation or due to a “weak” fuel mix, have the same conditions of high temperature or high speed of the exhaust gas. Such condition is unbearable for the Lambda probes too (failures in Lambda probes are indeed very often caused by high temperatures) and so we have re-designed and produced another and new model of the ksl product. The new HKSL product is able to withstand temperatures of around 1150 degrees. The high cost of the materials used and the processing times, which are tens times those of the previous version, have a negative effect on the end price. The new HKSL product does NOT REPLACE THE PREVIOUS KSL PRODUCT.

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Price: 140.00 Euro ( + VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

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Regulator Pressure Turbocharger


Unlike the previous versions we created, this system integrates a new micrometric pressure control system, which allows you to adjust and manage the pressure with intervals of hundredths of a bar to obtain and control minimum increases in pressure, power and torque, without the control unit entering recovery status.
It also proves useful when reprogramming the control unit where you are unable to obtain the attempted pressure.
Adjustments are made using a special little turning hand, and in steps of just a few degrees apart, to increase or decrease by just a few hundredths (2 to be precise).
This mechanical feature allows you to move forward or backward always in the same identical position without losing the adjustments made.
As in all our overboost systems, adjustments are made without releasing air externally.
A preloaded spring system with different working sections of the pressure allows continuous and precise adjustment and modulation, keeping the set value constant, applying a slight response delay, which will allow you to obtain also a small pressure peak different from the constant pressure set. This favours a higher torque.

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Price: 85,00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)