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Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed below,
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Can I change my Waste Gate with yours in my turbo diesel car?

Almost all latest turbo diesel have the turbine with variable geometry. What we see, nearest to the turbine, could seem to be a Waste Gate, but in realty is the pneumatic actuator, that makes the variable geometry works. In most cases it’s enough reprogram the eprom and the turbine’s pressure boosts by itself. It would be sensible to change it if the intercooler was changed too, because when the Waste Gate restores itself it makes the turbine’s pressure increase; when this happens the air’s temperatures increases and as consequence the present oxygen’s quantity decreases. The combustion happens in presence of fuel and supporter of combustion, as fuel we have the gas oil and as supporter of combustion not the air but the oxygen. Substituting the Waste Gate means obtain much more pressure. For having some more pressure, without have this kind of problems explained above, it is enough the original Waste Gate.

Can I install one of your intake trumpet in my car?

The supplementary trumpet intake needs when there’s an engine or gearbox preparation. We can compare the engine to a suction pump, if this pump sucks 10 m³ of air per minute and runs with x revolutions per minute, we cannot pretend nor whisper that setting before a trumpet, sucks more. But if we make the pump running not to x revolutions but to y revolutions happens that the air inlet, that was projected for, results obstructive(small).In this case we apply our additional trumpet and that’s it. In some other cases taken into examples, we have seen that filter’s boxes haven’t a sufficient capacity for a good engine respirator. This is not for the lack of information of the manufacturers , but because they have to set it in the remaining available space, after having set the engine, the radiators, the intercoolers, the abs, the several water cisterns, motor oil, windshield washer liquid, etc and the space left is for the filter’ box.

What’s is the Petrol Pressure Regulator that is RPB (in Italian Regolatore Pressione Benzina) for?

We can compare the PPR to a good analgesic. Have you ever tried to have a terrible headache? Well, in that case you will have taken an analgesic and after a while the headache will be disappeared. Well, have you ever tried the same analgesic without have any pains? Of Course no! But if it wasn’t so, you wouldn’t observe any improvements, or better still some heartburns, if taken without the due cautions. Now, let’s apply the “analgesic hypothesis to the RPB. If your engine runs with a short petrol measure, due to a not precise reason or to a defect in fabrication (comparable to your headache), we apply the RPB and heighten a bit the petrol pressure we will soon have a considerable increase in power, perceptible even by the less expert. But if our engine’s carburettor works properly and we install the RPB, we will not have any improvement, or if our engine runs with a high petrol measure and we install the RPB, we will lose both in power and torque.

Is important power-pop in my engine diesel?

We assume that in turbodiesel engines there’s no reason to be installed it. For this reason the automotive houses don’t contemplate the fixing. It doesn’t give power or increase the engine’s performance. The only benefit, is due during the accelerator release phase as the air present in the pipes (a very small quantity as the air is suck in by the engine due to the lack of the butterfly valve) is let out outside avoiding a slowingdown of the supercharger turbine. It also cause the peculiar air puff.
In our system this situation is very benefited as powered by the TUNING Nowadays in many systems the opening control valve is placed directly on the accelerator, started up through a microswitch.
This device has the purpose of notice when pedal is relaxed as to permit to the electro-valve to power the Power Pop.
This system could be valid, but the air in the pipes has a great speed and meanwhile it arrives at the accelerator zero positioning, than the command pass at the electro-valve, that open and start up the Power Pump, there’s no more air left to puff.
Our TUNING is different because it doesn’t need the zero positioning for the accelerator as it works on the alteration of the voltage/time and it reveals when the driver release the accelerator of 1 millimeter. It also estimate the speed choosing the best working strategy. Summarizing: our system doesn’t loose the half second necessary to arrive to the complete accelerator release and considering the air speed close to the sound one, we discharge a triple air quantity compared to a command switch device.