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Electric valve – instruction sheet –

Installation instructions of the electric valve.

The photos illustrate the two possible application solutions for the cap that closes the air recirculation circuit, which will be used if an open discharge valve is installed, and after removing the rubber connection tube between the original valve and the air return circuit.
The yellow cap is only to be used on car models Fiat 500 Abarth and 695 tributo Ferrari, on the remaining tube, as per photo.

For all the other cars with tjet engines, the black cap will be inserted on the black plastic intake on the cover over the engine.
For car models Fiat 500 Abarth, be very careful when removing the securing nuts of the valve, because once you unscrew them, there is a serious possibility of the bracket on which the threaded pins are fitted falling under the battery which would be very awkward and time consuming to recover.
To avoid this silly problem, remember to put a hand underneath so that the bracket cannot fall.

To disconnect the electrical connector, move the yellow blocking slide back using a small screwdriver, then press the black tab and take the connector out of the seat, as per photo.
To open the securing clip of the air inlet sleeve, lever with a screwdriver in the position shown in the photo.