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Pop Off for VAG

No membrane subject to wear and tear or rupture no change to the installation electrical and mechanical connections are identical to the original tested at 3 bar and 200° electrically controlled and exactly like the original. So perfectly capable to handle rapid also changed times DSG.  

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Research, project and testing made by Bonalume Autofficina

Research, Project and Testing. The automobile has now been through more than a century of technical development; the most important achievements in this field, however, were made between the end of the second world war and today. During this drive towards technical perfection many have faltered, while some have used their experience to generate long-lasting…

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Purchasing tips!

Our purchasing tips! Over the last few years the car manufacturing market has seen the appearance of many of those who you can teach everything bar the by now consolidated “art” of imitation. These companies or businesses simply manufacture products without worrying or trying to understand problems related to installation and consequent inconveniences.  

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Gear lever for Fiat Panda 100 CV

Gear lever for Fiat Panda 100 CV this is our proposal. A flaw that some sporting motorcars have is the long amplitude of the gear lever during the shifting.  

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Electric valve – instruction sheet –

Installation instructions of the electric valve. The photos illustrate the two possible application solutions for the cap that closes the air recirculation circuit, which will be used if an open discharge valve is installed, and after removing the rubber connection tube between the original valve and the air return circuit. The yellow cap is only...Read more


November 2021

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Electric valve – instruction sheet –