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Petrol Pressure Regulator Bonalume For Ferrari

 Available petrol pressure regulator for the following Ferrari models:

512 TR
512 M
456 M GT/GTA
456 GT/GTA
355 ( MOTRONIC 2.7 )
355 ( MOTRONIC 5.2)

This regulator can be installed without any modification where it was previously usedthe Bosch regulator n.0280160564 with Ferrari part number 167321.The body entirely in 304 stainless steel with support bracket and connection pipe to the petrol fluteit is totally machined from solid; so no welding.Petrol pressure seal on lapped and polished surfaces.Membrane also suitable for special petrols.Installable without any modification exactly like the original in its original seat and position.Therefore no problems of adaptation via various pipes, required when installing alternative products.Supplied with standard pressure like the original regulator, but with the possibility of negative or positive regulationvia external hex register.