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Pop Off Plug & Play

Pop-Off valve electropneumatic for PSA 1.6 Turbo

Unlike the pneumatic control valve, this model represents the evolution and about the sound(I puff air) or to the operating speed.
The air is always the same as the previous model.
The major change is the drive system.
Whereas before in our valve and all valves on the market was the tire with its delays now is electric so zero delay.
Resulting in increased amounts from download and consequently a high sonority.
In addition the following opening and closing exactly driving style without imposing undue and situations distressing situation of late.
To provide complete information, you should be aware that when we are speaking of electric or pneumatic valves, we always mean valves with the same identical functions.
The differences are merely in the opening command
In the electric valve, there is a magnet that is energised by the flow of current, which pulls a plunger toward it, which in turn opens an orifice where the air to be vented passes. The discharge may be open (valve with hissing) or closed with recirculation (silent valve).   In the pneumatic valve, the opening and closing command is given by a small tube that has to take pressure and vacuum to fill or empty a chamber with either a diaphragm or a piston inside it. In the pressure phase, the force of the same applied on the face of the piston or diaphragm, keeps it pressed down, closing the venting orifice, while in the vacuum phase, on the face of the piston or the diaphragm, a negative force will be applied that pulls upwards, thus freeing the orifice below and venting the air. Having said this, it is clear that the electrical execution speed is way higher than that of air. The kit consists of pop off valve , control unit , cabling , assembly jigs and instruction with pictures .
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Price: 300.00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)