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Pop Off Plug&Play with 2 Hole Flange 4 Positions

New power-pop plug and play with 2 hole flange 4 positions

In various models of cars with 1.4 turbo or turbo-volumetric engine
(Twincharger) may be impossible to install
The exhaust spacer between the original popoff valve and the turbine.
This is because by interposing the spacer the valve comes to
Find in backward position compared to the original position,
And in this situation the popoff electric connector
Original would interfere with the back tubing
Of the oil vapor discharge pipe oil.
In the face of this problem we have developed a special one
Spacer valve with which you have the possibility ‘
To rotate the valve
In different positions to the point of non-interference.

Of easy installation (10 minutes)It does not demand no connection electrical worker or tire
No contraindication or interference with the motor yield
Optimal sound

Code tho order 2PPFSIQ
Price: 85.00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)