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Power-Pop S1

Differently from all other breather valves on the market, which have many problems for what concerns the stability of idling and even more problems in the suction regulation and therefore causing a wrong working, we have produced and patented a breather pipe valve totally free from those problems.
Our new Power Pop can be installed on any car with turbo petrol motor without any of the above-mentioned problems. The working is guaranteed also in presence of ignition/injection systems with airflow rate reading through debimeter or hot wire.
The valves sold until now from most producers use a suction regulator that evaluates the airflow rate in order to stop the opening of the valve by idling and solve in this way the idling problem. This solution lets the valve open in a limited way while releasing the gas pedal and therefore alters the good working of the exhaust.
With our new Power Pop this difficult and inappropriate regulation has been totally removed, therefore there is no problem at all. Guarantee of over breathing and no noise.
Patent Nr. 01314079

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