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Nuw Power Pop EFM1


The need to create this new product did not originate merely from the demand of a racing product but from the real problems related to this valve installed originally in engine 1.0L turbo 95/120 cv.

Being a diaphragm, this valve EFM1 does not withstand high pressure and temperature peaks, as was requested, which cause it to break and also negatively affect the performance of the engine, both in acceleration and at a steady running rate (power loss in acceleration).
Some problems even appear in a healthy diaphragm, but with higher turbine pressures (after programming the control unit).
Whilst developing the project, we added the possibility for the customer to be able to interchange the three solutions.

The specifications of the our EFM1 valve are definitely outstanding; this valve is not only Plug & Play in the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, but also has the superior specifications referred to the original product:

  • No closing diaphragm, but a plastic piston, designed for very high temperatures (beyond 270° therefore no possibility of breakage);
  • Durable and incredibly efficient electromagnet (opening and closing times cut by 20%);
  • Guaranteed and tested operation at 3 bar with temperature of 170° of the inlet air;
  • Made entirely of automotive anodised aluminium with very low lead content;
  • It can be turned by 360° on the bracket. 1 support for improved positioning during installation;
  • IP67 airtight seal of the electrical connector and valve/solenoid casing;
  • Black, the same colour as the original, therefore it is difficult to notice and contest;
  • 2-year warranty for all its parts;
  • Even end users can install it themselves quite easily;

Code Order: EFM1S € 220.00 (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)