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Eco Pop Smart

Eco Pop Smart  (discontinued product)

Eco = economic or ecological? Decide it yourself. We have limited ourselves to reducing the size (now similar to the original). However, we have left intact the characteristics and quality that have always made our flagship valves in our production. This valve will not replace the mythical and repeatedly banned Pop Off, but will complement the same going so as to cover those needs of turbo engines on average or not at all processed. As always characterized by piston operation, it can easily withstand over 5 bar pressure. The generosity of the inlet and outlet orifices gives it a range of air decidedly superior to the classic Pop Off membrane. The lightness of the piston unit, associated with a treatment of the same with PTFE (tefflon) significantly reduces the operating time, thus improving the driving elasticity and reducing at the same time the entry into operation of the turbine after the gearchanges, and also allowing a reasonable fuel saving. After all this effort we think that Eco means: Economy and Ecology.

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