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Flywheel Aluminum / Steel

The Bonalume aluminum flywheel for Punto GT, also thanks to the material with which it was designed and built, has a weight reduced by 45% compared to the original series production and the external inertial mass is reduced by 60%, with a supporting surface and steel clutch work. The fastening of the track has no holes on the front that can reduce the support surface of the disc, nor create heat points on the surfaces that delimit the under-surface of the screws or create considerable vibrations in the presence of sintered clutches. Track fixing is guaranteed by 6 threaded screws in the same steel track. The anti-rotation is ensured by three chromium steel pins inserted between the aluminum part and the steel part (not visible from the outside), phase sign reported as in the original series. Balancing together with the starter crown and clutch pressure plate is recommended, although theory recommends doing everything together with the crankshaft.

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