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Fuel Pression Control Uno Turbo Gold Series

Compared to the adjustable regulator, this model also offers the advantage of having a ratio of 1/1,4. Here’s a quick example to explain better.
CLASSIC SYMMETRICAL PETROL PRESSURE REGULATOR. INITIAL CALIBRATION PRESSURE OF THE PETROL 3 BAR + TURBINE BOOSTING PRESSURE 1 BAR = FINAL RESULT OF THE PETROL PRESSURE 4 BAR In this condition, if we need to send more fuel to the engine because the mix is weak, we need to adjust the pressure regulator and increase it just enough to reach the carburation at medium and high rates. If the carburation is on the other hand very weak, we need to increase the pressure regulator considerably, thus creating DIRTY carburation at low rates. (with obvious consequences of loss in torque, pollution, consumption and immediate deterioration of the catalyst) We therefore need to find a compromise and accept what we can do.
Conclusion: dirty output at low rates, almost good at medium rates and limit weak conditions at high rates. This problem disappears with the ASYMMETRIC regulator with ratio of 1/1,4 because the increase percentage is asymmetrical with the turbine pressure.
Example: INITIAL CALIBRATION PRESSURE OF THE PETROL- 3 BAR + TURBINE BOOSTING PRESSURE 1 BAR = (addition of 1,4 bar of petrol pressure) FINAL RESULT OF THE PETROL PRESSURE 4.4 BAR Not only is it asymmetric but it is also progressive, therefore the increase in pressure is proportional even from the low turbine pressures; each tenth of a bar of the turbine involves an increase of 1,4 tenths of a bar in the petrol pressure. It is also adjustable and also interchangeable with the original regulator, therefore it does not need to be modified to be able to install it. No awkward and dangerous piping filled with pressurised petrol to run around the engine bay.

MAXIMUM LOAD: 3 bar = 270 lh – 4 bar = 220 lh – 5 bar = 190 lh

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