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Intercooler Air/Water Subaru Sti-Wrx

Air/Water Intercooler for Subaru Sti-Wrx Tea datum and test Intercooler Aria/Acqua Subaru Sti-Wrx. The car in test is a Subaru Wrx of 2003 with 224 cv declares to you. The tests have been before developed to the test bench and after in road. To the bench we had a d’aria mouth all’altezza of the opening on the cowling and a capacity 50.000 air of m2 hour in the below tests for entered temperature air agrees entered nell’intercooler and that one inhaled from the turbine (for escape air does not agree after l’Intercooler for which we have the effective exchange). The day of test has like external temperature 9° and one barometric pressure of 998 with relative un’umidità of 50%. Even if the thing will be able to seem strange has inserted also the values of lessened firm car in how much in this surf l’auto of series does not have no cooling dell’Intercooler, while the same one comes continuously invested dall’aria coming from warmth from the below motor group and turbine. For which to the first departure and until when we do not catch up a speed of km/h 60 the temperature it is decidedly to sfavore. With ours intercooler this problem turns out nonexistent.

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