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Ksl Catalyst Probe Lambda

This product is NOT HOMOLOGATED to be driven on roads open to traffic. It is designed exclusively to be used where current laws allow so. Autofficina Bonalume is therefore not liable for any personal injuries or material damages caused by or created through the improper use of the product.
Even if we advise you not to remove the catalyser for any reason whatsoever
KSL As you will have realised, it is used to prevent the engine Check LED or pollution anomaly LED from lighting up if you have removed the catalyser or you have installed one that is rather permeable or insufficiently catalysing. The product is universal and can be installed in all vehicles equipped with second lambda probe. It is to be installed on the second probe and does not require an electric system/adjustments/modifications to adapt it.

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Price: 100.00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST )