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Kslhe6 Catalyst Probe Lambda

Before purchasing,many people ask if our HKSLE6 system will resolve the problem of the “ anomaly”LED switching on,after eliminating the catalyst or after installing a sports or metal one.Since we created the first device KSL (rounghly 15 years ago) we have managed to acquire considerable experience and awareness concerning the various causes that make the anomaly LED switch on.
I will try to explain in just a few sentences very clearly so that even novices are able understand the various problems.Vehi les of just 15 years ago had rather bland detection and anti-pollution system; consequently,it was rather simple to resolve the problem after the various “ tampering “ actions.Even if somebody had worked on the electronics and had modified the data with excessive corrections,the result was equally guaranteed.Nowadays,the situation is totally different in view of the modern exhaust gas detection  and correction system and it possible to encounter anomalies and LEDs that switch on even with c completely original vehicles.So let’s getv right into the explanation.the mere elimination of the catalyst on Euro 5/6 vehicles does not entail just the usualk anomaly of the “ engine anomaly “ LED switching on the creates a combination of situation, bound to one another, and that cannot all be resolved with our product HKSLE6 (or others, if there are any).
In this operation is associated with the reprogramming of the control unit with incorrect or incompatible injection times or excessive ignition advance angles, the final combustion product (exhaust gas) would be well beyond the limits and suchthat it CANNOT be correct just by using the HKSLE6 fact, even if the product is a real catalyst,it is not able to perform or completely treat the gases with a beneficial or substitute Effect (considering the minimum measurement of the part exposed to tje gases) of a real catalyst,wich is 2500 times we just analyse the elimination of the catalyst,without any other modifications, we could suppose to have removed just the catalyst.this is not true,because we have installed a substitute tube instead of the catalyst,we have definitely altered the flow,temperature and velocity of the exhaust gases. No problem up to here,if it wasn’t for the fact that these factors are preponderant in view of the “ suction “effect” applied on the discharge Valve when it crosses the suction valve, which has teh task of taking some of the air,in addition to that normally in-taken to the combustion chamber.This naturally occurs at certain running rates, with higher peaks in the project points calculated in the development phase.
Therefore,having annulled or enhanced this effect, there could be too much or too little oxygen in the fuel setting. This depends on the diameter of the substitute catalyst tube chosen. If these variations are within the limit of 5-7%, the our HKSLE6 system will be able to manage them. if this situation is associated with a correction of the petrol map or of the advance map, (not assessed appropriately) in emission control points (usually from 1000 to 4500 rpm) or with the accelerator open by less than 60°,the anomaly LED will definitely switch on even with our HKSLE6 system if the fuel setting is “ rich “ it wiill create a high concentration of CO (carbon monoxide) which is difficult for a mini catalyst to manage (values of euro 5-6 = 1 g/km)the other way around if the fuel setting is too lean,it will increase the nitrogen oxides excessively NOx. (values of euro 5-6 = 0,06 g/km) , these too are difficult to manage.Therefore,what we advise you to do is assess tho modifications to be made or the modifications already made on the specific vehicle, on a case-to-case and car-to car basis,before you eliminate or replace the catalyzing unit.

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