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Pop off or By Pass 25 mm

Pop off or By Pass 25 mm

– reduce the response time of the turbine after releasing the gas pedal and exhaust in the most proper moment according to different driving manners;
– driving also at high speed without being at turbine pressure and so avoiding useless waste of petrol and wear;
– being compatible with all cars equipped with turbine;
– interchangeable with the original valve without modifications;
– dimensions nearly like the original and therefore no space problem;
– it does not exhaust air outside, so avoiding annoying noises;
– it does not have any kind of diaphragm or any other breakable part;
– built exclusively and entirely with Avional (aeronautical aluminium);
– completely anodised and surface hardened; in Punto GT and Lancia K it eliminates completely the whistle while releasing the gas pedal. Seal up to three bar pressure. Three-year guarantee for all its components.

-it does never break.

Patent nr. 01314079 every counterfeit will be prosecuted.

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