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Waste Gate Ford Focus RS

Many people think it is sufficient to stretch the spring of the waste gate to easily obtain horsepower. But very few know that stretching the spring (by shortening the rod) one obtains not only more power but also a dangerous reduction of the opening door, as the stroke of the waste gate is shorter.
When the exhausting door gets less open, it does not release the gas at the best and automatically increases its pressure and temperature causing those fatal cracks in the turbine and the dangerous increase of the exhaust backpressure. To face this problem it is sufficient to replace the Waste Gate with one more appropriate to the needs of the turbine.
Our Waste Gates are completely built with ergal and are hard anodised and therefore can resist at high pressure and temperatures, besides they have no kind of diaphragm but a piston that has a stroke that is double than in a normal waste gate.
To order it, it is sufficient to state the pressure you want to obtain and the car model. In some cases our Waste Gates are equipped with bolt and tie rods, while in other cases the installation needs the original bolt. In this case it is sufficient to detach the Waste Gate from its bolt, which will be later used as support to our Waste Gate.

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Price: 282.00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)