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Waste Gate Tfsi

Because these cars do not have much available space, it is not possible to use a waste gate of appropriate diameter, which would be able to control backpressures on the exhaust and simultaneously manage the supercharging control pressure. Some brands and manufacturers of waste gates supply this valve with interchangeable springs, leaving the difficult and tricky task of choosing between two probable options up to the installer: the first, is that of having a good pressure at high running rates, but with exaggerate and dangerous pressure peaks at medium running rates (which cannot be governed via the mapping of the control unit) the second, is a compromise to contain the peaks at medium running rates, but always with a pressure drop at high running rates (even if to a smaller but still obvious extent) (I have intentionally ignored the third option, which would be that of the weaker spring, or return to the original waste gate, which would however lead inevitably to a drop in pressure at high running rates). All this burdened by having to sort out mapping and replace springs, which are consequently time wasting and costly. We have consequently developed a new technology that is able to control and manage both problems 100%. This is where a new generation of waste gates comes in: They are totally plug and play and without having to make modifications to be able to install them. There is no need for tests and attempts to adjust the control rod, which will be set exactly as the original one. The turbine peak and constant pressure will be set at 100% by the map without having to replace springs or make inappropriate adjustments. There is no diaphragm subject to probable breakage. They are made entirely of automotive aluminium and heat and slip-treated with internal and external surface Teflon hardening treatment.

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