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Fuel Pressure Regulator Ford Focus Gold Series

Unlike the adjustable regulator, this model also offers the advantage of having a 1 / 1.4 ratio. To better understand you, I give a small example. SYMMETRICAL GASOLINE PRESSURE REGULATOR. PRESS. BENZ. INITIAL CALIBRATION – 3 BAR + TURBINE OVER-VOLTAGE PRESSURE- 1 BAR = FINISH OF PETROL PRESSURE 4 BAR Now in this condition, if we had need to give + gas to our engine because it runs lean, we should act on the pressure register and increase by just enough to take us to carburetion at medium and high speeds. But if the carburetion is very lean, we should also increase the pressure regulation a lot, thus going to DIRT the carburetion to the low. (with the obvious consequences of loss of torque, pollution) , immediate consumption and deterioration of the catalyst.) Therefore we should find a compromise contenting ourselves with what we can do. Conclusion: dirty supply at the bottom, almost good at the mids, and at the high end of the lean. With the ASYMMETRIC 1 / 1.4 regulator this problem disappears, as the percentage of increase is asymmetrical with the turbine pressure, example: PRESS. BENZ. INITIAL CALIBRATION – 3 BAR + TURBINE SUPPLY PRESSURE 1 BAR = (1,4 bar petrol pressure input) FINAL PRESSURE RESULTS FOR PETROL 4,4 BAR In addition to being asymmetrical it is also progressive, so the pressure increase is also proportional to the low turbine pressures, every tenth of a turbine bar will increase by 1.4 tenths of a petrol pressure. Moreover it is also adjustable, and furthermore it is still interchangeable with the original regulator, so no modification to make for assembly. No unfortunate and dangerous piping charged with petrol pressure to carry around the engine compartment.

3 bar = 270 lh – 4 bar = 220 lh – 5 bar = 190 lh

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