Via Enrico Cialdini, 85 - 20161 Milano (IT)

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Via Enrico Cialdini, 85 - 20161 Milano (IT)


Our vehicle workshop is also rigged-out with three boxes for normal car repairs and to make jobs easier when tuning the engines.
It is equipped with leading-edge equipment in the automotive and electronic field. It also has a rolling road, flow test bench, wheel alignment and brake test bench, lathes, mills etc. It is naturally completely rigged-out to carry out normal repairs and engine tuning work. We have been repairing and elaborating vehicles here since 2006. Even if we now spend our time researching and developing products and elaborations for one type of vehicle or another, this does not stop us from still “playing around” with the vehicles. All our products are installed on various types of vehicles before they are commercialised. In some cases, we actually install the product sold ourselves, be it because the customer asked us to or because we want to be fully aware of the details and the problems related to installation.

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