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Via Enrico Cialdini, 85 - 20161 Milano (IT)

CNC Machine Tool

CNC Machine Tool


In order to maintain a name and to guarantee theauthenticity of a range of products that is synonymous with quality, all our articles are lasered andnumbered, indicating not only the name but also the type of product, the test number and anyother specific information involved. This equipment ensures the traceability of theproduct before and after sales and provides ourbuyers with a customised service.

CNC lathe with double chuck

An aggressive market in constant evolutionrequires the production of hi-tech products. The prestige of the Made in Italy slogan or betterstill that of “Made in Bonalume” does indeedpursue this intent.Conception, design, production, testing and sales: the full completion of the entire production cycle in-house means that every single phase is kept under strict control.Investments and adequate resources are required to back this way of thinking.Modern CNC machine tools – leader in the sector – presently enable us to develop and optimise everysingle detail of our range of products.

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