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Fluxing Room

There are lots of people, even among the experts, that ignore what is and what is for a fluxing room and if you think about the most part of the private people and elaboration’s fans this become an unknown thing. All right let’s start from the beginning! As everyone knows one of the most useful system to enlarges the engine’s power is to introduce more air in the cylinders. After that the carburetion has to be adjusted increasing the petrol in the right ratio with the air and that’s it! Unfortunately it’s simple to say but not so simple to do it! Leaving out the camshaft and the replacement of the filter, ordinary things, we pass working the head and its connections. In the most part we enlarge valves, polish connections, narrow passages, etc.
It’s quite difficult to quantify the benefit given by, unless having fit the engine. Well if everything went right we have some more horses power and we loose something else. Even the most careful processing done by expert hands could be value only after have turning on the engine and after testing it on the bench or on the road.
After that if anything doesn’t work, we start again from the beginning trying to find what’s wrong. The most frequent cause of failure is the air’s speed that after a wrong or extreme tooling of the feeding lines cannot enter beyond certain limit as the valves stoop down considerably. A pipe head working obtains a successful result if a greater air mass flow is combined with a higher incoming air speed. All the research carried on in the last few years by the car constructors were done especially for solving this problem but not only as they studied also variable timing, variable resonance connections, etc. At this point the fluxing room goes into action, it has the duty to measure all those units we have told about till now. It gives us the opportunity to control the mass flow, the speed, the temperature in the different configurations of utilization. It could reveal if the cam lift is too exaggerate, if it’s too short, if the valve seat’s outline works better at a x degrades rather than y degrades. Summarizing, the fluxing bench permits all the engine flow dynamic necessary controls that are so important to understand how to operate without compromise the good results obtained.

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