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Via Enrico Cialdini, 85 - 20161 Milano (IT)

Products Packaging

Products Packaging

Our target is and always will be perfection and utmost quality.
With these propositions in mind, we cannot neglect a very important aspect: Product packaging and presentation. All products are strictly placed and stored in boxes, containers and other solutions that always bear our trademark. They are further protected and made displayable with a vacuum pack system, which means that the product can be placed on a micro-perforated cardboard tray, again bearing our trademark.
It is then sealed with a vacuum packed film that clings around it, which not only seals the products from the external environment but also secures it rigidly to the cardboard tray with suitable thickness to withstand its weight. All this is then put in a box, again bearing our trademark and, based on the product involved, the suitable protection packaging is chosen to secure the product inside the box. Thanks to these solutions, the products are transported in complete safety, protected against impact or improper handling. Where necessary, the box can also be “film sealed” with another heat-shrink film, which shrinks around the whole box, clinging right around it and creating another presentable barrier.
These solutions are logically only possible using two specifically designed packaging machines.

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