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Via Enrico Cialdini, 85 - 20161 Milano (IT)

Special Parts

Special Parts are merely parts that already exist but have just been reviewed from a point of view of performance and safety. It is naturally not possible to copy an original piece and simply hope that it is correct.

You must always start from scratch, knowing exactly what the piece must do, its characteristics or the strain that it must withstand. We do however admit that there are many pieces that were never available before in our catalogue and are therefore of our own initiative.

Our facilities allow us to do everything in-house without having to turn to independent manufacturers. Consequently, starting from the simple bar in aluminium, Ergal, steel, titanium or other material, we are able to produce the finished piece, packed ready for shipment.

POPOFF Valve Construction (POWER-POP)

Autofficina Bonalume

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