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Smart 451 KIT Engine 135CV

Smart 451 KIT elaborazione 135 CV

The requests of more or less demanding customers …the requests of several dealers of ours, the requests of mechanics who work with us, and finally, the answers to our research activities focused on precise and exact queries, have all led to the same result.
On the model Smart 451 1000 turbo, the control unit does not give the results sought and hoped for, even after fiddling around with it.
At least, in most cases, the results do not satisfy who carried out the work or even those who commissioned it and paid for it.
A solution adopted by many has been that of modifying the turbine and widening the suction part.
But when it comes to trying it out and you want to take the booster pressure to the due levels……here’s where the problems begin.
So, you just have to accept the power reached thanks to widening the turbine and be happy with the minimum rise in pressure that this manages to obtain.
We have bench-tested about 200 models of Smart cars and we have seen that none of the cars tested had the Horse Power declared, but much more, even though they were perfectly standard.
For example, the 84 HP model had exactly 91 to 94.
The same applies for the 98 HP, which was always beyond 106.
Not to mention the 102 HP that even reached 111 HP.
Of these “gift horses” offered by the manufacturer, someone has taken personal advantage by providing a power graph with their re-programming work thus taking the merit for the result; by this, we do not however mean to judge or complain. This is merely a brief explanation of the reasons that have led us to create a special elaboration kit for these cars.
The results obtained speak for themselves:
On the model with 84 HP, we have reached 120 and a torque of 17 kgm.
On the model with 102 HP, we have reached 135 and a torque of 20 kgm.
In this kit of 135 HP, you also need to change the clutch, because the original one is not able to manage the generous torque obtained.
The kit includes the following parts:
A new petrol pressure regulator.
A new fuel pump with suitable capacity increased.
A much bigger petrol filter, installed outside the tank (with special brackets).
Some new petrol pipes, but still with original fittings.
A brand new waste gate valve (100% plug and play).
A supplementary control unit, and please, do not call it “additional module” because it has nothing to do with the modules; in fact, nobody else has even dreamed of, or better, managed to make it.
All this has been created bearing in mind those who have to install it, so it is very straightforward. You simply have to follow the instructions exactly, which are backed by lots of photographs.
The only thing that is necessary is for the mapping to be the original one, at the most with the speed limiter modified, nothing else.
This is because the kit has been tested and intentionally created for original vehicles, seeing as it is impossible to carry out the calibrations and adjustments on maps created by others, because there would be thousands of absolutely uncontrollable variants.

Code to order KMS-135
Price: 2400,00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

KIT engine smart 451 84 cv

KIT engine smart brabus 451 -102 cv