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Waste Gate for Garret 1446 4C 1750 TB

Waste Gate for Garret 1446 4C 1750 TB

Today we present a brand new waste gate with unique features that make it highly performing and easy to adjust.
All dedicated and appropriate features for the car model to which it is dedicated.
The main features are:
– 360 ° swivel opening control air inlet.
– a second control air inlet for other needs or attachment systems.
– a jerky recording system which in addition to having the task of fixing the rotation also have the information function to always know which increments or decreases we have given.
– the adjustment is carried out simply by rotating the valve body.
– a very wide adjustment range which allows us a pressure range from 0.4 bar to 1 bar. this at a waste gate calibrated on the bench, so that on the car managing it with overboost or standard electronics we can also reach over 1.7 bar.
– a frontal fixing system and the connecting rod identical to the original valve, so no modification or additional work for the installation.

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Price: 300.00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)